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  • BBC News Presenter Count 2016: January – June: World News Today

    Being the weekend news guy at BNF has its benefits, I suppose. I mean, think about it, I get a lot less loosy-goosy newsreader scheduling on my end, partly thanks and no-thanks to the commitment show by Esler, Mawhinney and Croxall that we never got when it used to be McVeigh, Owen, Myrie and, with sad nostalgia, Eakin. I don’t know when we actually began taking note of the half-hour slice of WNT, but I think this half-time Count shows some promise for some juicier stats by Xmastime. Have I begun thinking about that time of year? Well, it’ll be here before you know it.

    BBC World News is a tricky, prickly thornbush of hulabaloo. Several newsreaders coming through right now, a lot of young ‘uns trained and then just popping up meaning my colleagues and I have to Google their identities. Either way, the main anchor for the half-hour we cover is right up my street. Charming, easy watching. Ah… Alpa Patel… Ahem. Better get on with my job, here.

    (1) Alpa Patel – 37

    (2) Chris Rogers – 8

    (3) Alice Baxter – 7

    (4) Tim Willcox – 6

    (5) Kasia Madera – 3

    (6) Geeta Guru-Murphy – 2

    (7) Ben Bland – 1

    James Coomarasamy – 1

    Christian Fraser – 1

    Rajini Vaidyanathan – 1

    Maryam Moshiri – 1

    Laura Bicker – 1

    Katty Kay – 1

    Karin Giannone – 1

    Reged Ahmad – 1

    I don’t really wish for this leaderboard to expand any deeper, cos its already pretty overstuffed at this point in the year. Clearly BBC World News’ weekend policy is what used to happen on the main NC: Anyone can host. Due to the amount of terror this show has had to report this last year, some appearances from Katty Kay, Laura Bicker etc won’t hurt. Surprise choices: Bland, Guru-Murphy, Moshiri (although I’d like to see more of her), Giannone and Reged Ahmad, who I’ve seen a lot of when editing quite recently. Seriously, considering this is a very short part of the NC scheduling but fairly a large part of World News shift entitlement, the division over deputies is again going against my wish for the producers to find a proper person to sit in for Patel.

    Here, either my analysis brain is getting tired or I’m just disinterested in a bunch of pop-ups when we have Patel owning it and my heart in the main top spot, with Rogers just under with Baxter (hooray, excellent choice) right behind. Willcox, again, is owning it here, in fourth place but I feel he’s somewhat been eliminated from the desk ever since the scandalous stuff that happened between him and Sophie Long. But I’m not one for gossip or unprofessional expression, right? Right? As for my policy on pop-ups on this programme, its exactly my treatment towards pop-ups online: Not interested, just noting their appearance.

    May WNT continue to be… exhausting work for me. May the list shorten next year, and may Patel stay in this spot forever. These are my kids, on my weekends, so… why am I being such a terrible parent at Sports Day?

    Tom Scudamore,

    BNF’s trustee guy who has been here forever


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