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  • BBC News Presenter Count 2016: January – June: BBC News at Ten

    My writing quality is declining and my humour is wearing thin. That’s what you get, Scudamore, that’s the price you pay for writing this all in a day before August comes. I can’t write in August. Too much summer to enjoy. Besides, we have the Olympics coming up and God only knows how that’ll affect us at BNF. Probably not as hectic as the way the 2012 Games just messed with everything. If you were not sporty you may have well have moved to Scotland for two weeks. Now people are but forever. That’s what Brexit cost all of us. Happiness. Havana. My, it’s been a long day.

    Huw Edwards. I was harsh on him in my analysis of his other big deal that he barely shows up for. There has to be reasoning behind it and I’m probably not giving him a fair trial. Besides, it’s given a dozen other BBC NC newsreaders the chance to shine and, hey, having read up on it they’ve all joined the Beeb full-time! Hooray for them! Summer is definitely here. I’m writing in a dark room, forcing myself through these depressing figures and you can read it in my pessimistic, dry voice. I will, however, still shed light on my personal fancies and choices for the future of BBC newsreading , if anyone gives a damn.

    Have I thanked Jack Axford for this, yet? He was the one doing the counting for all the shows minus the dreaded News Channel eternity count. We left that to Harry, and I didn’t even write any analysis for that in January for last year’s. Jack will sort it. He always does. If you think we all have this office to do this business, we don’t. We should get one, though. And a Bat-mobile.

    The Ten has been a consistent fascinating watch scoresheet-wise for the last however many years. Alagiah and Maitlis and Hill used to chime in regularly and now... Things have moved on. What you gotta know about this business is simple: Everything moves around Huw Edwards. He’s still there and, on the Ten, he’s brilliant. Here’s the figures to prove it:

    (1) Huw Edwards – 74

    (2) Clive Myrie – 24

    (3) Fiona Bruce – 21

    Reeta Chakrabarti – 21

    (4) Sophie Raworth – 19

    (5) Mishal Husain – 14

    (6) Kate Silverton – 11

    (7) Ben Brown – 3

    (8) Jane Hill – 1

    Nicholas Owen – 1

    Emily Maitlis – 1

    Simon McCoy – 1

    Jon Sopel – 1

    A few things to get off my unhairy chest. The Ten is what has changed the most in my books during the eternity I’ve been at BNF, and that’s fascinating. Second, I talked about Myrie earlier being a big hitter on the Six as if he was but, actually, he isn’t, it’s The Ten where he’s making his name. Seriously, I’m making bets now that he’ll take over once Huw decides to leave. Huw, however, is still big in the game and he’ll be fronting depressing election nights from 2020 till 2040 me thinks. Bold claims but I’m making them, minus the betting cos I have no idea how to do that. Number-wise Edwards’ 74 impresses me and makes me forgive him for only making up half that total on the Five. It must be tough to be Huw. Bruce is still bouncing away, democratically sharing this gig in third with Reeta who splashed last year but, like Raworth on the Six, is simmering like that apple brew dish I made yesterday. Alagiah has disappeared – fair, frankly, bless him. More Husain please – you know me if you know why. She’s amazing on Today but is underused everywhere. As for the rest, Silverton could do a few more Saturday shifts and, actually, the Sunday shift needs to be shared less cos that’s why it’s all messy down the bottom of the table.

    And as much as I love Jon Sopel, I have no idea where he came from earning that 1 appearance.

    The future: It has to be Myrie’s time, with someone like Husain or Reeta on Fridays. For now, The Ten continues comfortably, like a dark horse in the night, galloping away into a forest… I’m going to write a poem. So long.

    Tom Scudamore,

    Working his ass off on a Sunday


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