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  • BBC News Presenter Count 2016: January – June: BBC News at Six

    There once was a time where the Six was a dual-anchored prime-time piece of teley on BBC One. Then ITV stole the idea and here we are, all looking back at the Noughties as if we closed our eyes and BOOM, Donald Trump… Anyway, you get the point. There’s a strange, eerie feeling I get from reporting the later news shows when it comes to these Counts (big C). Why? Because they’re a part of us, an unknowing tradition, a seeping interest. Dad comes home at Six and aha, there’s George, my beloved George, stern-faced, back from a year-long absence due to health bless him, and there all my family stand in a line watching with despair the headlines and tutting. This is almost an everyday tradition in my house. Dad wants to see the headlines before my bro turns over for The Simpsons. Let’s just put it this way: it’s been a rough season, news-wise.

    The Six is, I think, the one newsreaders want at the BBC. You can’t go wrong whoever you are. That said, I think a few have on that show. Emily Maitlis once sat on a desk as if it was an advert for Newsnight advertising the Six and trust me, that’s the best simile I could use in just stating this fact. Anyway, Maitlis was too… stylish. Maybe Jane Hill, Sian Williams and, dare I say it, Billy Turnbull were, too. OK, so some don’t fit The Six. Luckily, producers haven’t had to find new blood for a long time. Other than a few hires who I gladly see in the Count below, Alagiah is back where he belongs and, yes, he’s committed as always. His colleagues come in, some having settled in really well into that main rotation, and here we are. Simple as. For once I’m pleased with the quality and status of a show on the BBC News Channel. Blimey, the cider must be kicking in… If only the One could share such glory.

    The Count below is perhaps predictable but there is one thing worthy of observance and I say thank goodness: there’s a smaller pool of talent in the roster. No barmy choices. It’s nice to have George back.

    (1) George Alagiah – 75

    (2) Fiona Bruce – 23

    (3) Reeta Chakrabarti – 21

    (4) Clive Myrie – 18

    Sophie Raworth – 18

    (5) Mishal Husain – 14

    (6) Kate Silverton – 13

    (7) Ben Brown – 3

    Huw Edwards – 3

    (8) Jane Hill – 1

    Simon McCoy – 1

    Nicholas Owen – 1

    Martine Croxall – 1

    I’ll go out on a limb and say this leaderboard couldn’t look nicer. OK, well… more Mishal Husain and yes it would look lovely as a summer’s day but… I mean to say these are all my favourite newsreaders and, minus Husain, they all are placed where they belong in this shuffle. Let’s get the rookies out the way: Croxall, Owen, McCoy, Hill – all on the Sunday, I presume, but Croxall is a nice cherry for this cake, I feel. A little more Brown, maybe? Silverton, hey ho, finally back in the rotation and, with time, this could be a nice fit for her if she climbs that premiership a little on the Saturday. Gee, being the Saturday boy for BNF, I wish I’d see more Silverton. Such a wasted talent, unless she’s had her time. Tis the problem, I think. You have your time with the BBC, you go and then there you have it, it’s tougher to get back in again.

    Of everyone, I think Myrie and Raworth sharing fourth place is what makes me happiest. Here are two people going in different directions – Myrie is rising and wanting The Ten so badly, Raworth has been no. 3 on here for ages and now she’s simmering while, yes, Reeta (all over the shop Reeta, not from Coronation Street, mind) climbs just behind Bruce in the second driving seat. This table is transforming. Who knows, I bet in two years it may look a little different. The Six, though, is comfortable and I’m glad Alagiah is right at the top with a nice figure of 75. That’s what you want on The Five, Huw.

    The future: I feel Myrie’s better on The Ten, but him taking Alagiah’s place one day here wouldn’t hurt. Frankly it’s anyone’s game. Not that I want the winds to change that quickly, though. I’ve argued before how I’d like to see Husain front the Six, maybe with Myrie, permanently. That would be good. Chakrabarti, I feel, just lacks the star quality Antiques’ Bruce, the NC’s Myrie, Alagiah, Edwards, Raworth and Today’s Husain have. Maybe with time. Unless I front the show, of course…

    Tom Scudamore,

    BNF’s thoughtful bugger


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