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  • BBC News Presenter Count 2015: January-June: BBC News Channel

    Finally it's here! The Presenter count for the BBC News Channel. This count includes those from Business Live, Victoria Derbyshire, Outside Source and World News Today as the four shows have been running for only just a few months. However in the future we may split the shows up for you to have an in depth look at who presents which programme. Lets get onto the numbers, and taking top spot again is:

    1. Simon McCoy - 93

    2. Annita McVeigh - 91

    3. Joanna Gosling - 87

    4. Chris Rogers - 71

    5. Ben Brown - 70

    6. Jane Hill - 69

    6. Martine Croxall - 69

    8. Tim Willcox - 66

    9. Chris Eakin - 52

    10. Victoria Derbyshire - 49

    11. Julian Worricker - 46

    12. Sophie Long - 45

    13. Rebecca Jones - 42

    14. Clive Myrie - 39

    15. Maxine Mawhinney - 37

    16. Gavin Esler - 32

    17. Christian Fraser - 30

    18. Rachel Schofield - 24

    19. Emily Maitlis - 23

    20. Carole Walker - 21

    20. Ros Atkins - 21

    22. Nicholas Owen - 19

    23. Gavin Grey - 17

    23. Sally Bundock - 17

    25. Lyse Doucet - 14

    26. Ben Thompson - 12

    27. Adam Parsons - 8

    27. Victoria Fritz - 8

    29. Philippa Thomas - 7

    30. Huw Edwards - 6

    30. Aaron Heslehurst - 6

    32. Karin Giannone - 5

    33. Lucy Hockings - 4

    34. Norman Smith - 2

    34. David Dimbleby - 2

    34. Matthew Price - 2

    34. Daniela Ritorto - 2

    34. Vicky Young - 2

    34. Babita Sharma - 2

    34. Nicholas Witchell - 2

    34. Jon Brain - 2

    34. Susanna Streeter - 2

    34. Peter Dobbie - 2

    35. Jo Coburn - 1

    35. Robert Hall - 1

    35. Adnan Nawaz - 1

    35. Mishal Husain - 1

    35. Stephen Sackur - 1.

    35. James Coomarasamy - 1

    35. Kasia Madera - 1

    35. Lebo Diseko - 1

    Well done once again to Simon McCoy for again being the presenter making the most appearances on the channel. He has been moving around shifts recently from the morning shift, of which he has been in for numbers of years. Simon is now the replacement for Matthew Amroliwala on the 2pm to 5pm shift.

    Annita McVeigh becomes second with her presenting solo in the new 9am to 2pm slot alternating with Joanna Gosling who's appeared 87 times. Joanna presents most Fridays on Victoria Derbyshire (VDP).

    Surprisingly, cover presenter, Chris Rogers takes 4th place with 71 appearances, mostly on the late shift, appearing most weekends. Ben Brown comes 5th with many on location appearances even though he had a month off screen in May and June. Jane Hill appears 69 in her 2-5 o'clock shift now alongside Simon. She too appears multiple times on all the network bulletins.

    Martine Croxall appears 69 times also on her late shift during the weekends, and too covering for Clive Myrie during his absence this year so far. Cover presenter, Tim Willcox appears 66 times during many different times during the day. Chris Eakin, who has now unfortunately left the BBC appeared 52 times. Victoria Derbyshire who presents VDP has appeared for nearly every episode of her show that began in April, appearing 49 times.

    Julian Worricker is next apearing 46 times, now covering multiple times for Clive Myrie as well as doing the morning shift too a few times. He also presented once on VDP covering for Victoria and Joanna. Sophie Long appears just 45 times after covering most of this year for Ellie Crisell on the 90 second update. Rebecca Jones has covered 42 times on the channel mostly on the weekend or during the lunchtime shift. Clive Myrie has had lots of time off this year and a lot of presenting on assainment this year appearing 39 times. Maxine Mawhinney has had quite a few days off this year appearing just 37 times.

    Gavin Esler has got a new slot on the NC, as well as presenting the News at Five on Fridays, he now presents from 9am to 2pm on weekends. He has appeared 32 times so far this year. Christian Fraser has presented 30 times, and too had a lot of appearances in March and January covering the Germanwings plane crash and Charlie Hebdo shootings. Rachel Schofield has covered 24 times so far this year. Emily Maitlis appears only 23 times this year, her shift on Mondays seems to be rare now since her now making a more envolvement on Newsnight.

    Carole Walker appears 21 times covering too, and Ros Atkins has presented Outside Source 21 times too, some of these presenting on the NC covering simulcasts during big stories. Nicholas Owen seems to be making rare appearances now on the NC, appearing just a few times in the last few months, hes appeared only 19 times this year as Gavin Esler takes over his Sunday morning shift. Gavin Grey covers 17 times. Sally Bundock presents 17 times on Business Live. Lyse Doucet has appeared 14 times on the NC on location during big stories including the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January.

    Ben Thompson has presented Business Live 12 times, as he takes a high role doing the Business on Breakfast. Adam Parsons covers 8 times and Victoria Fritz presents Business Live also 8 times. Philippa Thomas has presented on location 7 times now. Huw Edwards, appears on location 6 times, with some of these for the Budget and Election coverage.

    Aaron Heslehurst appears on Business Live 6 times with Karin Giannone appearing 5 times on the channel even during a few simulcasts too. Lucy Hockings appeared during the joint coverage for Charlie Hebdo attacks and the Germanwings plane crash. Norman Smith appears a few times for coverage on the Election along with David Dimbleby who also appeared twice. Matthew Price appears twice for coverage on location. Daniela Ritorto appears twice for special coverage on Charlie Hebdo attacks and killings in Sousse alongside Maxine.

    Vicky Young appears a few times for election coverage during leaders debates. Babita Sharma also appears twice for joint coverage on Charlie Hebdo and Germanwings crash. Nicholas Witchell has appeared twice for the coverage of the birth of Princess Charlotte. Jon Brain too appears twice on the channel on location. Susanna Streeter appears twice for Business Live. Adnan Nawaz appears once for coverage on Germanwings crash. Stephen Sackur appeared once for coverage on Charlie Hebdo. Misha Husain appeared once also for on location coverage as well as did Robert Hall. Jo Coburn appeared once for coverage on the Budget.

    Peter Dobbie appeared twice and James Coomarasamy, Kasia Madera and Lebo Diseko appeared once for the World News Today edition thats shown on Fridays and weekends.

    There we go! We will be back in the New Year with the full year statistics. Have a good summer.

    Harry Bailey



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