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    The Antiques Roadshow still baffles me. I mean… are they valuing the worth of an old woman from the attic who found a piece of china after 84 years or… the piece of china? Tis why I got into Downton. Gee, I’m a moron. Anyway, Fiona Bruce is the face of that Sunday teatime classic that seems to be more outdated than me on this very website – and yet it’s still worth pointing out just how valuable (do you see where I’m going with this yet?) Bruce is to the BBC News at Six. (Says to self: “That was a nice segway, Scudamore, a nice segway.”)

    As for the count itself, George Alagiah’s sudden cancer treatment meant the deputies of this BBC One institution had to step up. Shuffling Raworth to the evenings, getting Reeta out and about way more than I think half of us wanted, and promoting Bruce in a nuanced, sneaky way gave us these figures:

    (1) Fiona Bruce – 88

    (2) Reeta Chakrabarti – 84

    (3) Sophie Raworth – 79

    (4) Clive Myrie – 46

    (5) Mishal Husain – 28

    (6) Jane Hill – 25

    (7) Huw Edwards – 20

    (8) Simon McCoy – 9

    (9) George Alagiah – 8

    (10) Ben Brown – 7

    (11) Nicholas Owen – 3

    (12) Emily Maitlis – 2

    Last year on Six: Bruce (not Forsyth) triumphantly won with 103, Raworth got second with 78, Chakrabarti earned third with 45 and Alagiah left for treatment with 32. Kate Silverton and Matthew Amroliwala had their final counts of 16 and 3. Could Silverton or even Sian Williams return, one day? Time will tell. Or I hope it does, they don’t begin the Six with “tonight at six” for nothing (do they even do that anymore?! It adds chill to the whole experience which, quite frankly, is credible – not even EastEnders can pull off such drama.)

    The year is 2015. I’m a little frustrated for Raworth, here. If she couldn’t win the One, then at least give her the Six because (spoilers) the Ten ain’t going to her, either. Bruce pips it and Chakrabarti… well, maybe there’s a career in it for here, here, but I’m not a fan. You’ve got to give it to her, though: broadcasting and gaining such high counts for the One, Six and Ten? Those Saturdays are paying dividends, eat your heart out… footballers and anyone who works every Saturday! Ahem, me included. I should know. I edit BNF on a Saturday. (And this week I return to Sundays!)

    Myrie finishes off nicely in fourth although we all know he’s much more suited to the Ten. Regarding Edwards, he has made way too many guest appearances on this show (I have this weird idea that the guy is banned from the studio between 6-10pm…) but sure, it’s lovely he could win that figure of 20, especially in an election year. I’m over the moon, genuinely, that Alagiah could get two weeks’ worth in the count before 2015 was up. We’ve all missed him.

    More Brown and Hill during the week, please. As for Maitlis, she used to anchor this show a lot more back in the day and, although I can see her worth to Newsnight, the Six could be somewhere for her to end up fronting regularly in the future. On the subject of the future, the zeitgeist will come back to bite us. Oh, and more relevantly, Alagiah could be back in the chair (which I’m really glad about) for another 5-10 years. That makes me happy.

    However, there’s always been a part of me that a) will really miss Downton (like seriously, we’re all learning a lot here about my television tastebuds) and b) feels that the Six should go back to having a co-anchoring duo again. My pick: Clive Myrie and Mishal Husain. Can you imagine?!! They would ace it, especially if Myrie can report live so effortlessly and Husain can read the news so well, which they both can. (Sorry, Justin Webb, you and me both feelin’ jealous of Myrie in that parallel universe…)

    Coming soon: the 2015 counts for Outside Source (weekdays, 9-10pm) and the BBC World News (at the weekend, 9-9.30pm) because yeah, we cover that stuff now. Amazing, right?

    Tom Scudamore,

    BNF’s weekend resident

    P.S. RIP David Bowie x


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