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  • BBC News Presenter Count 2015: BBC News at One

    You’ll be glad to know that I have no opinions with regards to the BBC News at One. Other than local-news-wise (Look East for me and, no, really, look east for presenters, please, BBC Regional Important People, we have some really great candidates), I think Alex Dolan has a lot of personality for one o’clock in the afternoon. But then again, so does Simon McCoy. Reeta Chakrabarti: not so much. (On the no-opinions front, says to self: “So close, Tom, so close…”) Here’s the count:

    (1) Reeta Chakrabarti – 85

    (2) Simon McCoy – 79

    (3) Sophie Raworth – 43

    (4) Gavin Esler – 38

    (5) Jane Hill – 33

    (6) Maxine Mawhinney – 24

    (7) Ben Brown – 19

    (8) Clive Myrie – 14

    (9) Chris Eakin – 9

    (10) Tim Willcox – 6

    Nicholas Owen – 6

    (11) Rachel Schofield – 4

    Christian Fraser – 4

    (12) Rebecca Jones – 3

    (13) Adam Parsons – 2

    Shaun Ley – 2

    Annita McVeigh – 2

    Carole Walker – 2

    (14) Huw Edwards – 1

    Julian Worricker – 1

    Chris Rogers – 1

    Jon Kay – 1

    Lyse Doucet – 1

    It’s been a rough year, right? I mean this is the bulletin which lets you know who’s going to court in the next day or so, who’s been arrested and, most importantly, what latest terrible idea the government has declared as law that morning. The BBC News at One is also Carole Walker’s time to shine, as it is for Norman Smith (but really I think he secretly prefers the nighttime news, where nobody is awake enough to be alert for his latest attempt to make a gag).

    Anyway, I say it’s been rough because Raworth had to move to front evening bulletins more, which meant that Chakrabarti got to audition four lunchtimes every week until she got the gig – but that’s not to say McCoy didn’t come close. It makes sense for McCoy, Esler, Hill and Mawhinney to earn these counts because of their place on the BBC News Channel’s roster. I’d like more Hill, personally. Compared to last year’s figures… well, I mean lovely George Alagiah’s absence from television threw the BBC One team into such disarray that it’s not worth comparing, not with Raworth having to hop from One to Six to Ten so much.

    Amongst the leaderboard mid-table, I’m sure that Brown’s count is so high because of his roving reporter status for the One. I’m not even certain he’s fronted the bulletin in-studio, this year. Myrie is great, I’d love to see him be used more on BBC One, but I’ll talk more about that in my analysis of the Ten. Here’s a clue for what’s coming up: Chakrabarti has been all over these counts – like, seriously! She's been reading news more than I've been writing my latest book, How To Keep Your Opinions Subtle, out next year.

    Interesting nods, not that I’m saluting them, go to Chris Eakin, whose departure left me gutted (though I’m glad he will no longer have to sacrifice his life in the face of the next Great Flood), Nicholas Owen, who could disappear any moment, Annita McVeigh, whose existence must make BBC One loyalists curious about who awaits on the BBC News Channel, and Huw Edwards, just because. Though saying that, the guy has way too much serious sass for 1pm, surely.

    Also, an acknowledgement to anyone else I haven’t mentioned, because this is surely the biggest list for the One we’ve ever had. It appears, my friends, that anyone can get this gig. Even Angela Rippon or Nick Knowles could be turning up soon. Rumour has it that Ainsley Harriott will be blessing us with his presence, also. As for Jeremy Vine: you’re too dancey for sitting behind a desk!

    Apologies to Norman Smith, who I can’t believe was never credited, not once, for the One this year. (Cries tears.)

    The future: Carol Kirkwood. In all seriousness: Sian Williams, please.

    Tom Scudamore,

    BNF’s king of sarcasm and comedic punditry

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    • 1. Jan 23 2016 8:25PM by .

      Brown did present the one in the studio in 2015, on more than one occaision, but as recently as the 23rd of December.

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