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    Thanks to Tom for providing us with his insightful and entertaining analysis of the presenter count at this halfway point in the year. It’s time now to take a look at the counts for the BBC News Channel but before we look at the 2016 count, let’s remind ourselves of how things stood at the end of 2015. Brace yourselves … it’s quite long.

    (1) Ben Brown – 187

    (2) Annita McVeigh – 178

    (3) Simon McCoy – 177

    (4) Martine Croxall – 150

    (5) Jane Hill – 123

    (6) Chris Rogers – 115

    (7) Julian Worricker – 100

    (8) Joanna Gosling – 95

    (9) Tim Willcox – 84

    (10) Gavin Esler – 78

    (11) Maxine Mawhinney – 76

    (12) Rebecca Jones – 68

    (13) Christian Fraser – 67

    (14) Nicholas Owen – 50

    (15) Chris Eakin – 59

    (16) Sophie Long – 47

    (17) Rachel Schofield – 42

    (18) Carole Walker – 37

    Emily Maitlis – 37

    (19) Gavin Grey – 34

    (20) Shaun Ley – 23

    (21) Lyse Doucet – 13

    (22) Adam Parsons 12

    (23) Philippa Thomas – 9

    (24) Huw Edwards – 7

    Karin Giannone – 7

    (25) Ros Atkins – 6

    Norman Smith – 6

    (26) David Eades – 5

    (27) Lucy Hockings – 4

    Jon Kay – 4

    David Dimbleby – 4

    (28) Jo Coburn – 3

    Matthew Price – 3

    Geeta Guru-Murphy – 3

    (29) Babita Sharma – 2

    Daniela Ritorto – 2

    Stephen Sackur – 2

    Vicki Young – 2

    Chris Smith – 2

    Tina Daheley – 2

    Nicholas Witchell – 2

    Jon Brain – 2

    Andrew Neil – 2

    (30) Adnan Nawaz – 1

    Aaron Heslehurst – 1

    Mishal Husain – 1

    Peter Dobbie – 1

    Ross Hawkins – 1

    Glenn Campbell – 1

    Noel Thompson – 1

    Robert Hall – 1

    Sabet Choudhury – 1

    Alex Lovell – 1

    James Longman – 1

    I hope your still with us. I whopping 55 people presenting on the news channel at some point over 2015 however many were crediting for presenting on location or for hosting general election debates which were broadcast on the NC which in turn denying us of our human right to receive rolling news 24 hours a day.

    Ben Brown stands impressively at the top spot with 187 appearances. Many of these were from location and do inflate his score somewhat. The usual suspects follow. The likes of McVeigh, McCoy, Croxall and Hill providing the continuity the channel needs. Chris Rogers also performs quite well. This comes as a surprise as I barely remember him on at all.

    What’s most interesting over the past year is the slow decline of Tim Willcox. Yes … remember him? The man who seemed to present on the news channel for hours on end every day. There wasn’t a day that would go by when we would see him. Tim still scores 84 appearances which is better than most but the majority of these come from presenting out and about - something which he also does far less frequently. Willcox was criticised in 2015 after poorly phrasing a question back in January after the attacks in Paris where he said: “Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands”. Willcox does still present a great deal on BBC World News but I feel his presence and experience on the news channel is missed greatly. (by me anyway)

    2015 was also the year Chris Eakin left the channel to pursue other avenues. Eakin was one the channel’s launch presenters so his loss was significant. He was the BBC’s go to man for flooding. But now I suppose he can give the raincoat and Wellington boots a well deserved rest. We also miss the cameras at Broadcasting House moving in shot as he passed over to the BBC One bulletins. As one Chris left, another one entered. Chris(tian) Fraser cemented himself as a regular on the channel in 2015 with 67 appearances.

    The big political beats that are David Dimbleby, Huw Edwards and Andrew Neil also clocked up 4, 7 and 2 appearances respectively over the 2015 election and budgets. 2015 was the last time Dimbleby will host a general election special. Huw will take over from 2020 but elections will just never be the same without the Dimblebot.

    Towards the bottom we have various presenters from World News who graced our screens during major breaking news events. We also have a few unusual oddities to delve deeper into. Glenn Campbell from BBC Scotland made one appearance as well as Noel Thompson from Northern Islands hosting special debates building up the the general election last year. Chris Smith and Tina Daheley from Radio 1’s Newsbeat also hosted a special debate aimed at young people in the patronising way the BBC likes to attract “the youth” into political debate. We seen a bit of Tina Daheley on Breakfast the last few weeks. Not exactly my coup of tea but I suppose I just prefer to watch the usual faces. She’s already improved a lot since her first appearance. I wonder how she copes when she fills in for Victoria Derbyshire next week.

    Jack Axford


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